Here Are The Best Emojis To Use On Snapchat

Emojis serve two purposes in the world of Snapchat. Firstly, there’s a set of emojis which dictate certain things about your account, things like your most snapped follower, the person who snaps you the most and vice versa, your Snapsteaks, etc. These are indicated next to the names of your Snapchat contact names.

Secondly, there’s the normal use of emojis. When you add a caption to your photos, you can highlight them a tiny little animation to make your picture really pop.

Since the advent of social media, emojis have become the most convenient way to say a lot without having to say much at all. The addition of a little yellow smiley face can be the difference between a solemn text or a positive one. If a picture paints a thousand words, then emojis can say a million.

With that in mind, let’s jump in to the best emojis to use on Snapchat:

The fire emoji

Sent a subtle insult to your friend? Maybe you’re out at a club and the DJ is dropping some sick tunes? In either case, captioning your picture or video with the fire emoji lets your friends know exactly what’s going on.

Whenever you’ve dropped a subtle insult, the fire emoji is telling your friend that they just got burned. If it’s a pretty brutal insult, three fire emojis should be more than enough to raise your buddy’s temperature a little. Likewise, if you’re getting down and dirty at a club in town, the fire emoji tells your friends that your evening is more than a little hot, or simply fire, as the kids say.

The see no evil monkey emoji

A lot of Snapchats are of crazy things which no sane person should see, let alone photograph. However, if it exists, there’ll be a Snapchat of it, so we may as well get used to it. However, if you do happen to photograph something insane and you need to make it look as though you’re not crazy yourself, the cutesy little see no evil monkey will relieve you of any association with the picture itself.

The sassy girl emoji 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, the sassy girl emoji has its uses for both. If you’re a guy and you’re laying on the sweet talk, the sassy girl emoji tells your lady friend exactly how you feel about her while keeping it cute and subtle. It works best when combined with a selfie of the two of you.

Similarly, if you’re a girl and you’re telling your potential partner that you’re by no means a cheap date, send him a picture of some of your luxury clothes along with the emoji in question. He’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

The grinning devil emoji

Up to something you shouldn’t be? Don’t worry, the grinning devil emoji has got you covered.

The eggplant emoji + water combination

If your conversation is getting a little hot and you want to imply some illicit activity, the eggplant next to a drop of water says more than words ever could. What picture you choose to caption it with, however, might not need to be so subtle.

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